A lighting hole

Every time I passed through the hall, I saw that ugly box-hole on the wall. It seems that It was made to hold an electricity meter, but it never happen. So I decided to make something to embellish it. From many ideas that I had, I chose one: make a (low cost) lamp!

First we put a cable from the lamp hanging from the ceiling to the hole. Then, I took an old lamp structure, modified it and put it inside the box.

lampara-1low   lampara-2low







Some days ago I was at a household shop and saw these colorful place mats:


I put one in front of  the light as if it was a lampshade. The result was beautiful!
I took the place mat, made four holes on its corners and printed 4 plastic screws to fit the mat to the box in the wall.

Finally, I turned on the ligth: