Mad-Serv-Jam ’14

Once again, having a great time while designing for change.
I attended Global Service Jam in Madrid at Madroño Service Jam.

This year the theme was communicated through an image:


Then we all made a brainstorming, organized the teams and chose a theme from the groups of ideas.


We decided to create a service related to death. Some people found our choice kind of creepy but we thought that it was a very interesting area to work on.
We created a “persona” called Maite and made an empathy map. Then, we developed a journey map visualizing the situation when her father suddenly dies and she has to cope with the problem on her own.


She realized that bureaucracy makes the situation more painful and this is the point that we decided to improve: How can we reduce the bureaucracy when someone dies?


We thought of a service for people to manage his/her legal and virtual life before die, so we created the “RIP Service“:

Rip Service #gsjam #madronoservicejam from echarunremiendu on Vimeo.

The more I practice, the more I learn and like service design :)