From savings to travellers

How can we create a business model starting off by a simple sentence?

That’s what we did at the Business Design & Lean Startup course at H2i Institute.

We worked in groups of five people and chose a sentence related to a specific theme. Our sentence was: Create a savings system for families.

Then we started to work on it doing research by applying design thinking tools and developing a business model canvas during the process. We “got out of the building” to ask people about savings and many other things related to money, time and habits. Then we analyzed all the information in order to detect needs.


Customer discovery process is like walking through a maze: you can try many ways but only few of them makes you go forward.
We iterated several times an pivoted some others until we found our customer segment: travellers!


Each part of the business model must be validated to reduce the risk of failure. And you can move back or forward as many times as you need.


There were more than 3 months of hard work and in the end we found a real value proposition for travellers around the world.
Now we decided to go ahead and make this project real. This is just the beginning!